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Condensation in Swansea occurs due to the air in your property containing a high water vapour (high humidity) normally due to replacement windows and doors, blocked off fire places and chimneys, extra insulation in the walls/loft spaces and new highly efficient boilers.

Lifestyle Practices & Condensation

Lifestyle practices such as not venting the property whilst cooking, after showering, bathing and drying washing in your home are contributing factors.

If condensation is present in your Swansea property you normally experience wet windows, damp bedding and black mould growth on walls, windows and curtains. An unpleasent musty smell is noticeable when you enter the property.

“Mould in the Home Causes Illness”, Research Says

The Environmental Health Professional Practice produced an article regarding Condensation Mould Fungal Spores, reported by Geoff Andrews, Local Government correspondent.

A direct link between condensation and mould in houses and some illnesses has been established by research carried out for The Institute of Environmental Health Officers.

Findings indicate that anyone can become sensitised to the damp environment and black mould fungus spores (Stachybotrys) and develop serious allergies and industrial diseases like farmer lung.

The institutions investigations have shown that condensation with the smallest amount of mould spores is a potent source of allergy which causes asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Even the smallest concentration of mould growth will enable the considerable increase of allergic diseases with much greater effect on, for example, people already suffering from diabetes or leukaemia.

The rest of the population may become sensitised later in life and will respond more slowly. But the symptoms last longer with wheezing, coughing, fever and tiredness and long term damage to lung tissue.

Condensation in properties is increasing due to the installation of UPVC double glazing, new highly efficient boilers and reduced ventilation in an attempt to reduce heating bills.

In some cases the solution to this problem is to install a condensation control system to your property and eliminate this health problem.

Treating Condensation at Your Swansea Property

Sometimes the treatment for condensation in Swansea can be as simple as opening a window or turning on an extractor fan when cooking, but for more serious condensation problems professional solutions may be needed. Swansea Damp Co are passionate about providing good indoor air quality to everyone, which is why we offer a wide and varied range of eco-friendly and innovative ventilation systems, designed to deliver homes with fresh, filtered air. After completing a free, no obligation survey of your property we will be able to advise on the best course of action to rid your Swansea home of condensation, on many occassions we find that simple lifestyle changes are all that is required for treatment, and as such there is no cost to the homeowner, on other occassions with more sever cases professional services are required and quoted for.

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You will be pleased to know that we promise to our customers that any recommendation we make for the elimination of black mould and condensation in your property comes with a full 100% money back guarantee that it will work and rid your home of condensation and mould.