Swansea Damp Co – Helping Homeowners in Swansea & South Wales Diagnose Penetrating Damp in Their Properties

If you have a property which has signs of damp then you already know how unslightly it can be. But in many instances damp triggers mould growth which can also effect your respiratory and immune system.

Effectively Diagnose Damp in Your Property

Gutters overflowing, lost, cracked or slipped roof tiles, downspouts, leaking pipes, badly fitted windows and doors, damaged pointing, cladding, flashing or render can all cause penetrating damp.

If air bricks have been covered, that too can cause problems because it stops your property from “breathing” by restricting the flow of air and trapping moisture which in turn leads to damp.

What are the symptoms of penetrating damp?

One would think that it would be fairly easy to locate the ingress of water into a property but the problem is that it can often be weeks or even months before any problems manifest into something you can actually see. Typical signs of penetrating damp include:

  1. growing circles of damp on walls and / or ceilings
  2. blotchy patches on walls
  3. wet and crumbling plaster
  4. signs of spores or mildew]
  5. drips and puddles.

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If you think your property may be afflicted with penetrating damp and would like to speak to a trusted local damp proofing company and arrange a free, no obligation survey and quotation for treatment please contact the team at Swansea Damp Co today. We cover all areas in Swansea, the surrounding areas and work all over South Wales.